By stander – A SUBJECT in making

Until I had to stay as one I never knew the word by-stander. The worse part of drama of life some might have to go through. You are a supporting actor here guided

by multiple directors called as doctors. Some are executive directors and some are Associates walks along with a folk of spot boys and girls. They are paid by producers who have no emotion for either health or science except mastered in science of commercial health.

In each case story revolves around a patient who like a main actor of the story will follow the commands of directors. Few are cooked up if the director is not genuine.

Directors are heavily paid. These are paid from the fees collected from actors. Rigor the character, bigger the pay. But each actor is a unique story. Actor may live the character or may leave thecharacter depending upon the character and its depth. But a new life as a SUBJECT is definitely born… very silently to be tomorrow’s main actor…. The bye-stander.. Or “hey bye-stander” that’s how they are called by angels clad in white.

Actors are mostly advised to be ready for shoot anytime depending upon the availability of studios. Resident actors mostly gets entry to studio in the night. Director knows they cannot run away from shoot. Non-resident actors are given morning hours because they may choose an external studio. Machinery in these studios are like CNC machines in a production unit. Less idle the machine, more profit. Face expressions have no importance here; most of the expression by default is fear. These studios are equipped to film your inner soul. They can be even tweaked to find the expressions of a minute cell inside your head or stomach or anywhere. Cameraman here calls these expressions as impression. They are paid for accurate impressions. All logistics and fear management during shoot is complete responsibility of “hey bye-stander”.

Directors who comes mostly on next working day to make sure that the expression ‘fear’ on actor and supporting actor are long lived and at penultimate on their face. A long silence as if viewing a French film at Cannes.. and utter one voice “hmmm”.. This hmm has multiple meaning.. until you have guts to ask and act as you are qualified to understand human science in rarest English words. Those who are unfortunate to be out of this breed has to depend on spot boys/mostly girls who can convert these tough words into half meaning with a support of next screen play scribbled by director in a fusion of upper n lower case running letters!

By the time the entire drama is shot and support actor almost ready for main role, his major job starts.. How to pack-up from the set… Or they call it discharge?……
Yes in real terms whatever the charge left in you will get discharged.

Packing is strictly not allowed on a Sundays or evenings.. It is mostly done on Mondays. New cast of actors and supporting actors will be ready by this time. Last day of supporting actor is horrible if the actor is insured. You will have to meet number of production executives who will talk but only stare at computer monitors. Chaos of the day depends on how well the internal negotiations between production executives and insurer. This decides how much actors and his supporters have to pay… In other words what is the charge for discharge!. And the entire packing will end only by night after a day-long event.

This day will be remembered the most than the emotional and difficult days spent for dear ones.


Supporting actor (by-stander Or Attender) in all above stories are mostly a human being who is a wife, daughter, son, brother, sister or a nearest relative with an emotional bonding with these actors.

By-standers or are they on stand-by?

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